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Beyond the cheap colored lights

Taunton ~KT~
5 August
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Work like you dont need the money.
Dance as if no one's watching.
Love as if you've never been hurt.
And live like there's no tomorrow."

Adam Pascal is sexy love

Joshua Kobak is Love.
"roger wilco", 'money for nothing', acting, adam pascal, aida, alley, amps, amusement, andrew lloyd webber, art, autographs, avenue q, babies, ballet, bare, belly dance, black, black nail polish, boxers, broadway, burning, button, cameras, candles, cars, cds, celtic, celtic knott work, celtic love knott, cloaks, cocoa, cookie dough icecream, crossdressers, cutting, dancing, darkness, david bowie, daydreaming, depression, electric/acoustic guitars, emily strange, euan morton, eyeliner, facing loneliness, fast, fender guitars, fishnet shirts, fishnet stockings, flawless, funk, gigs, guitar, guitar tabs, headshots, hip scarfs that jingle, hot showers, hot tubs, idina menzel, invader zim, isolation, jazz, jeffrey carlson, jenna leigh green, john hill, johnny the homicidal maniac, jonathon larson, josh groban, joshua kobak, katie's world, katiethinking, labyrinth, launch boxes, les miserables, letters, long baths, lord of the rings, mail, making things complacated, manhatten, mark cohen, massachusetts, matt caplan, mens "dress" shirts, michael arden, mid-evil times, mst3, music, musicals, my roof, my tattoo(s), my world, new jersey, new york, new york city, nightmare before christmas, nights, nighttime, not to be numb, orange tic tacs, photos, pictures, playbills, poems, pools, posters, promise rings, quotes, quoting things, rain, randomness, reading, rent, rocky horror picture show, roger davis, scarlet pimpernel, sebastian arcules, showers, silly string, singing, slc punk, snow, sobe, solitude, spooky, squeegie man, stories, sunglasses, sunsets, swim, taboo, tap, taunton, theater, theatre, thinking, thunder, tick tick boom, video cameras, vincent van gogh, walking, water, wavelength, wilson jermaine heredia, working, writing