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Euan What you wanted



October 14th, 2007

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Euan What you wanted
*to the tune of "lions and tigers and bears" from WOZ*

iPods, and Mounting, and Acid... dancing [instead of "oh my" try it!!]

I could explain. buuut i dont want to?

performance tomorrow. Not ready havent gotten my stuff together, or hemmed my dress, or turned in my letter. So far behind in what I wanted to be done.

January 31st, 2007

Meredith Parker7: glad you like. :-)
Slickchickmst3k: I enjoy the TB but i cant say that to anyone but you
Meredith Parker7: *snorts* very true

And now to look forward to Thursday and Friday. Yay sarcasm.

December 18th, 2006

My Xmas Stocking

my xmas stockingCollapse )

September 14th, 2006

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Under pressure
Yes, yes I am alive.
and I'm tempted to add "for now". Even though I'm not upset or anything. But I figure it would match the previous entries I've put into this crazy thing.

I'm actually content with where things are right now. For the most part. Back in voice and dance, assisting with the babies and learning tech. Working. I still need a second job just for extra money this way my everything pans out the way I want it to, and I can help out my mom. But that's fine. I'm not too worried.

I'm slowly getting people in my life that care and show interest. That I haven't pushed aside. ... yeah I don't think I have much else to update on.

But things that you should keep in mind.

1]bug bites are itchy
2] PB&J sandwiches are easily compared to whores.
..... but you'll never look at one the same way.

September 7th, 2006

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Euan What you wanted
Um, hi. This is Mandy (echoingvista) posting for Katie. She has a new layout. And if she doesn't like it... she can kick my ass later, lol. But at least now she can read her flist. And maybe start posting again. Whistles.

February 6th, 2006

*Points* Look!! I'm updating the thing I haven't updated in ... eons. Okay let's see what's happened since I updated last.

Went to NY, saw RENT, Movin' out, Kissy. Met Josh Kobak. Got pictures. Had a snow ball fight with my brother in central park. [That was fun. I missed that. I missed that alot.] Went to the improv, walked around a lot. Cried. ... wait I think i did write about that section. Okay skipping forward.

Lot's of drs visits cause no one flipping knows what's wrong with me. They know there's something wrong just not sure what. But with all the tests and everything they have to do, they're lucky to get a vain after the fourth time of stick me. That's with heel warmers, two turniquets and two people working on trying to get a vain. It's not fun. But this is going to be my last visit, because after this test if they don't know. I'm tired of going. My body can't take it, and I've beem living with whatever this is for god knows how long so I'll be fine.

I got a lead in The Admirable Crichton, by J.M. Berrie. I play Lady Catherine. (A little amusing. Or atleast I thought so.) We open Friday, Thrusday is previews. So I'm in hell week It's interesting. Fun. But as with anything it has it's highs and lows.

I saw Wicked ... Jan. 24th. Very good show. Talked to a couple of the cast members after the show. It was fun.

Wow okay my life isn't as interesting as I thought.

December 25th, 2005

We Should Star Over Again

Rent, Roger Mark (slashy, angsty)
Word count: ???
Chapters: 6
(might still work on this, a bit unsure, reviews greatly welcomed)

chap 1Collapse )

Chap 2Collapse )

Chap 3Collapse )

Chap 4Collapse )

Chap 5Collapse )

Chap 6Collapse )

There's still more to come because, well I have no life so I tend to write a lot. And getting feed back is always a nice thing. I'm also going to cross post these on my writing journal so if you have that on your friends journal you can ignor the double posts when I get around to doing so. If not and you'd actually like to be added, since I made it a friends only journal let me know and I'll add you. Tired and drugged (yay hospital) and rambling. Night errm morning all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Yet again another song fic (RENT Wicked cross. GOD these are so old!!) This one's a bit more depressing, and April doesn't die because of AIDS. Yes I know I messed with Jonathan Larson's story. But umm ... I claim poetic license?

Now it's up to youCollapse )
I was only just going to post one, but these two go hand in hand. Yes they are song fics. It's from Drift which almost no one has heard of, but ummm comments are always nice.

Tuesday and ThursdayCollapse )

State Of The HeartCollapse )</lj-cut?

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Euan What you wanted
"Katie here's 20 dollers go get a hotel for the night and fuck someone there"

What I can't get a hotel for 20 bucks in the city. I could go to a parking garage. *Walks up to parking attendent* Here's 20 bucks I just want this space. No car, just this space. ...You can watch, I don't care

~~~Convo with Molly on what would happen if we lived together and one needed to study and the other wanted to fuck.
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